Why vipassana mindfulness meditation make you happiness

Hey you. I have read by accidentally on Quora’s definition about happiness: “Happiness is the state of mind or feeling characterized by contentment, love, satisfaction, joy and accomplishment”. This is a popular define. I agree with it. But I know that have something not enough here.

If you asking me: “What is happiness?”. I told you that search on Quora and you will have answer. But if I assure that something you can don’t know, that you can find happiness not satisfaction, is Freedom.

Freedom of mind, freedom of soul. Are you understand?. I had absorbed believe that standpoints not argue thousand years about life, love, money, fame, loveliness,…and much more are default standard. But when I accidental learn and know about freedom of mind, I change my thinking. Of course, if you believe a happiness outside default standards, deliverance of mind what you looking for.


Based of deliverance of mind is know myself into every ambience – that is mindfulness. So, what’s mindfulness and how to you can feel happy with mindfulness?

What is mindfulness meditation?

I am mentioning about mindfulness of meditation. Vipassana is direct look over present. When you eat you know are eating, when you walk you know you are walking, when act any work you know that you are acting that. First, I thought that meditation is complex but when myself experience, now I think it more simple.

Mindfulness meditation is life now, don’t regret of past and don’t ambitious of future. But important, mindfulness meditation isn’t Existentialism. Deep in present is a misunderstand.

How to you feel freedom your soul with mindfulness

OK. Mindfulness isn’t a method to practice. It simple, come back lighten your body and mind in the life is key. Why our soul not feel freedom because it be pulled by pass and future thinking.

When mindfulness, delusions about past and future can’t occult mind. Because nature of mindfulness is the freedom so you can come back inside, happiness of emancipation bondage of thinking appear immediately.

If you know yourself, come back inside yourself, you don’t need wish outside environment must be glad as your wish.

Why it can help you overcome negative emotion

Mindfulness – lighten your mind and body actions process has powerful strength. I exam as anxiety. Reality, anxiety only is a negative emotion. When it appear let you know it appear, when it embroil let you know it embroil, when it disappear let you know it disappear…Totally, lighten process is key. Don’t disdainful easy way, although easy but useful.

>>> If you want to know how to applying mindfulness meditation to overcome anxiety, you can refer: Becoming Zen: A 21 Day Mind Detox for Anxiety

Some misunderstand about Vipassana Meditation

When you think about meditation, often appear some misunderstand above

Meditation is only sitting

No!. If think that meditation is only sitting – it’s restricted inside preach of theory. Why mention zen, almost people thinking that you have you sitting to practice meditation. Because very documents and images show you must that.

But let rethink, meditation isn’t a training method, meditation is lifestyle. So if only sitting you will practice it when you can’t sitting?.

Vipassana meditation not only sitting. Simply meditation is mindfulness with your present. Vipassana is direct look over present. When you eat you know are eating, when you walk you know you are walking, when act any work you know that you are acting that. When it not be binding inside any limit.

Meditation is activity only for monastery, cloisterer

Specially with Buddhism cloisterer, meditation sitting is default with them – it’s wrong. Meditation mindfulness, Vipassana isn’t privilege for anyone. Everyone can learn and practice because simple the life is the biggest meditation school.

 Entirety wit your present and that’s zen. Don’t make it more complex.

Meditation is a road MOLDED to toward a figure of mind you want

If you think that to pratice meditation, you must molded your mind become a figure awesome. But you don’t know: “Our mind alright has elements you want as freedom, happiness, kind, love,…more and more”.

Your duty is back your inside when contact with outside or mindfulness any action. When you eat you know are eating, when you walk you know you are walking, when act any work you know that you are acting that


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