Namecheap – cheapest domain & hosting for beginner

Cheap hosting and domain

If you looking for cheap hosting and domain for begin. Some purpose for start as small website/blog or wordpress learning yourself or any purpose. I recommend Namecheap. Some details why do you should using it for starter.

Price of Namecheap hosting

Price is important elements for your decide to choosing hosting & domain plan. I am using smallest package of Namecheap – Value package. If you are a beginner, i recommend this package.


Namecheap hosting plan

9,88$/year is cheapest price for premium hosting plan ever. It cheaper than Godaddy (here) and 1&1 (here). And you look at renew price 39$/year. I remember not incorrect is price of renew of Godaddy and 1&1 higher than this, about more 7$/month.

So price to setup and renew next year, Namecheap is cheapest for begin.

Besides, domain registration cheapest too with 0.88$/year. I registried 1&1 domain when using coupon with 1.17$. With Namecheap you can start a great cheap domain with cheap price don’t need waitting any coupon.

Hosting quality

Of course, i can’t expect very good quality for this price. I am using and connect through Cloudflare and sometimes receive notification of Cloudflare disconnect to Namcheap hosting or sometimes with a black word rows notify error connect. But you don’t worry because it’s rarely. This is an abridgment but with this price you should subtain.


An error example disconnect

Like above details about Value package, usage dispace and bandwith usability for create a website/blog for probationer and small site. 20GB and unlimit bandwith, you can use commodius if you build small site only text and image has optimized.

Service support

I strongly recommend Namecheap support service. They have ardour. I had some problems and questions. When using live chat with their support, i received quick answer thoroughly. I can’t print screen conversations for you but i corfirm about namecheap support is good.


Namecheap live support


I think this cPanel is popular and easy to use with visibility interface.


Namecheap cPanel

Namecheap Money Back Guarantee/Cancellation Policy

Namecheap customers get a 14-day money-back guarantee on all products assuming they’re cancelled within 14 days. Dedicated servers are exempt, as are software licences (such as WHM and cPanel licences).

To cancel an account midterm, customers must submit a support ticket to the Hosting Billing team. I couldn’t see any information regarding refunds for mid-term cancellations, so we’ll have to assume there aren’t any.

Sumarry Conclusion

Namecheap is great collection for starter. Pros and cons i have accentuated. Regardless, if you’re primarily looking for an affordable domain name with convenient hosting, Namecheap could be ideal for you.

My bonus for you

If you want to start a website/blog with Namcheap hosting & domain. When you registry, let contact me, i will help you build a site with powerful themes and plugins.


When you registry domain, i will share themes from


And if you registry hosting plan, i will share mythemeshop premium themes and plugins for your site. Total bonus 240$ – WP Rocket Unlimited (199$), theme Mythemshop (39$) and WP Subscriber pro (29$).

Thanks for reading!.



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