Simple vipassana mindfulness meditation for anxiety

If you feel fatigue when using medicare to try to beat anxiety because of course medicare can make you unexpected effect. Why you don’t shed negative emotion as greed, angry, worry, anxiety…and come back inside your mind to watching process of mind.


Mindfulness be mindful live in the moment

With me, mindfulness doesn’t complex (Don’t complex to learning and understand but it required patient). Mindfulness isn’t a tool, isn’t a method…Mindfulness is natural inside thinking. Mindfulness is clearly watching process your mind, your thinking. When you take any actions or any thinking inside your head, let come back and lighten your thinking.

OK. Mention it but you can asking me: “You say that but I don’t know how to overcome anxiety”. Mindfulness be mindful live in the moment. So, when anxiety appear and disappear you can see clearly it within you mind. By see clearly and lighten anxiety, thinking not jam anything – don’t have to destroy it.

Really, if you want to destroy. I think if you success, you can beat and destroy anxiety, you can victory and feel happy. But…It not thoroughly. Why? Because when you want to destroy, it’s angry. So, want to win this you lose that.

When you have any emotion, you know you are having that emotion. It’s cardinal. When you perceive clearly your thinking, special negative emotion, you can live together it pacificatory. It’s miracle of mindfulness.


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