Some free tools help you how to overcome procrastination and get things done

Tools are helpful things for you can get rid procrastination and laziness. You should refer 10 free tools below. These tools inside The Procrastination Fix – a book about break procrastination and laziness. To know more tools, please refer this book.

 Some free tools help you how to combat procrastination and laziness


Do FaceBook and YouTube all of sudden become more interesting when you have work to do? Turn them off!. StopDistractions lets you block or limit access to certain websites for a specified period of time. You can keep researching but you can’t watch cat videos. Leechblock is the version of this app for Firefox. Focus is another version for. Mac that you can turn on from your toolbar.

Stop procrastination and laziness

WriteRoom & DarkRoom

When you are trying to write, does the little browser icon at the bottom of your screen lure you to distraction? This could be the app for you. WriteRoom allows your word processing tool to take up the entire screen. This will allow you to completely focus on writing as there is nothing else to look at on screen. WriteRoom was developed for Macs and DarkRoom is the version of the app for PC.

Temptation Blocker

A step further than removing some distractions, this app removes all the temptations you wish to remove on your computer. Rather than only blocking access to websites, this app allows you to block access to entire programs and apps for a nominated period of time. A 32 character password is the only way to deactivate this app so you may as well just keep working.

Stop procrastination and laziness

Instant Boss

If you work better with a structured day then this app could help you. Instant Boss allows you to set your work time and break time. You enter these into the app and then it prompts you when to take a break and when it’s time to start working again.

Stop procrastination and laziness

Write Or Die

Write or Die puts the prod in productivity. This app punishes you for procrastinating! You pick a word count goal and a time goal. You will also pick a grace period. The kicker is the punishment setting you choose. While you are working well, nothing will happen. But if you become distracted or start to procrastinate, the punishment will begin.
There are three punishment settings:

1. Gentle mode
a. This mode simply prompts to your goal with a pop-up box reminding you to continue writing.
2. Normal mode
a. A little more unpleasant mode than gentle. Normal mode plays annoying sounds when you stop working. The sounds include babies crying, a screeching violin or Hanson’s ‘Mmmbop’.
3. Kamikaze
a. If you want some real motivation, this is the mode for you. Kamikaze mode will start deleting your work if you are not working fast enough.

Stop procrastination and laziness

Pomodoro Time

This app is developed using the principles of the ‘15 Minutes’ mind hack. You can create your task list, set up your breaks and track your progress. Perfect for anyone trying to incorporate the ‘15 Minutes’ mind hack into their everyday life.

Stop procrastination and laziness

Some tools above hope useful for you to beat procrastinating and laziness.


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