38 secrets of thinking with Thinking fast and slow Daniel Kehlmann Review

Thinking fast and slow is 2nd book research about human mind and behavior i have read. Remain another is Nudge i read in 2012. Besides, “Predictably Irrational” is another same kind.

Behavioral economics can a field difficulty with many people. With me it not exception. And when i slice the first book pages, i feel i prepare opposite with a massive project because this book thick over 600 pages & the author is character receive Nobel prize.

Anyway it’s a book worthy trying once when former president Obama encourage!.


Thinking fast & slow

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If you don’t want adherence ruinous mistakes in your mind, let read this book of mind

You can anyone to read and research about it.

Because simple, all knowledge inside book to explaning your determinationes and behaviors.

OK!. Perhaps encapsulates all content inside an article is not surferring but bring for you a total standpoint.

And the first you need know: Human mindset has 2 kind – fast and slow

Cardinal of mindset system, author doubts that: Is human worthmind behaving ?

And result is abruptness, almost behavior accessary habits and instinct while we proud that our actions is reason when resolve any problem.

Human mindset including 2 systems: 1 – fast thinking working automatically, stereotypes, not effort. 2 – slow thinking need exertion and focus yourself awareness.


You drive motor break out the load and look at another driver is intenting with specific actions as shift, turn signal, sight…Your fast thinking is working.

Even if you have a calculation 17×24 (this calculation in book), ofcourse you need more things to complete this misson.

Two examples to you can visualization about 2 thinking system.

And you will know often using 1st kind to decide circumstances in life.

Often, fast thinking is true when anyone apply their perennial experiences, it’s called is “Expert” (spend at least 10000h for pratices technique).

But…if not perennial experiences, unfortunate it’s…FALSE.

Tell understandable, human often has tend more like actions with habits and instinct than logic deduce.

Anchor, expresstion of fast thinking

You will remember you apprised anything based your experiences about anything value to can collect a fit with you.

Let i reach an example. I looking for contingent a seri watch with price i think it’s cheap.

I don’t have a lot of experiences but in my thinking, a watch has those prices often difficulty.

So when I see that price i will connect to experiences in the past (anchor) and then I will break out an undervest and i will act based on anchor.

Example below show a method of marketing. Maketer often has an anchor to customer land it and then they (customer) act based on that anchor. Finally, maketer who benefit from anchor and your act.

If continuous reading, author will mention other problems

You will see some problems about The Halo Effect.


Beside, Daniel Kehlmann introduced new problems own to reader 2 nature inside 1 people – “experience” & “memory”.

Happiness experiences and thinking about the life with standpoint of author.

Pros and Cons

If you looking for a document reasearch about structure and reason of actions, this book appropriate to reading. I feautured it beacause detailed.

About cons, like above, Behavioral economics is difficult feild, so book has many specialized words and phrases. You will have a little arduous.

This article is my review, if you have any standpoint about this book, let leave a comment below.


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