Zenviral Review – Increase your website traffic genarator software

What if told you that viral content through social media doesn’t too difficult as you think?. It seems unbeliveable.

How many times have you tried create a content ability affect on SM but you don’t have true method?.

Welcome to my ZenViral review. If you are in the search for an effective and unique tool to pull much bigger traffic load to your website with better conversion rates, I recommend ZenViral – a increase website traffic genarator sorfware. It is going to absorb free traffic to your website.

You can using Zenviral to creat a viral marketing campain through social media. It is the newest tool to effectively drive unstoppable flood of traffic which is highly convertible into sales. In this ZenViral review, I’m gonna tell you all things you need to know before buying it.

There is an undeniable fact that traffic is always the top concerned factor when coming to a marketing campaign. The bigger traffic to your website and landing pages, the better your chance is to get more sales. Therefore, the most important thing to all of us is the best way to get that goal. Webmasters are always seeking for the newest method to drive as much traffic as they can.

Many producers have tried their best building software and tools to beat that problem, but no one seems to be successful. Desmond Ong knows all the weakness of existing software. With over 10 year of online marketing experience, he has found a new and unique method to get huge traffic every day for free. And he brought all of its features into his new software called ZenViral.

So, in this ZenViral review, I’m going to share with all of you everything about this tool: who Desmond Ong is, what ZenViral really is and how it can help you to boost your daily traffic load.

ZenViral Review – a increase website traffic sorfware: Product Overview

  • Creator: Desmond Ong
  • Launch Time: January 31st 2017 at 08:00 EST
  • Front-End Price: $29
  • Bonus: Click here to see FREE bonus
  • Support: Effective Response
  • Recommended: Strongly recommended
  • Niche: SEO & Traffic
  • Refund: Yes, 30-day 100% money back guaranteed!

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Zen Viral get

What is ZenViral?

ZenViral is a very effective tool for pulling new and free traffic to websites with a brand new method that no one knows. Desmond Ong has found his secret ingredients to create a unique algorithm to force your visitors to share your content on their social media accounts.

Its functions will help you to track, analyze and optimize your image and video pots, so you can get the best post with highest performance potential. Using this top-secret method with ZenViral, you can help your site to generate thousands of visitors and potential customers every day. And you know what a big traffic load can bring you, right? Yes, your conversions and sales will greatly increase!

About the Creator: Desmond Ong

The man behind ZenViral is a very successful online marketing expert and speaker. He also wrote the best-selling book of online marketing area “Against All Odds”. Desmond Ong is also a millionaire and online marketing trainer.

Desmond Ong

Desmond Ong

When he was only 15, Desmond Ong started his first online business. At his 21, he get himself a million of dollars. Desmond Ong then dropped his college program and started his full-time career as an Internet marketer. Until now, Desmond has grown many online businesses and earned millions of dollars from them.

Through many years of studing hard, Desmond Ong has get himself a hand full of experience and he also created many effective products. Some of his best-selling softwares and training courses you may know are 200 In 20 Minutes, ZenNotify, License My Success and many more. You can make an easy Google search for them if you want.

This man has also been featured on many reputed media such as The Sung, Popular Bestsellers List, Business Insider, YouTube, KLCC BookFair…. Many organizations and conferences invited him to give speeches and training courses about digital marketing and information products, wealth building and entrepreneurship.

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What are Great Features of ZenViral?

As the sales page said, there are six typical features of ZenViral as the following:

EASY SETUP: You can set up the app with your desired process with ease in just a few minutes. No API or coding required.

TRACKING & ANALYTICS: ZenViral comes with a built-in tracking system which allows you to control the destination of visitors’ sharing for each of your campaigns. You can also see all analytics and optimize your process.

CAMPAIGN & ZENVIRAL: ZenViral provides unlimited campaigns for you to create and use.

LIVE EDITOR: The software includes a clean back-end editor to make it easier for newbies to edit their campaigns. ZenViral projects are fully customizable with flexible headlines, images, videos and social media connections.

FREE TRAFFIC: With its secret method, this app brings you traffic from biggest social networks. Your visitors can share your posts to their accounts on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and LinkedIn.

UNLOCK GIFT & BONUS BY SHARING: This features enables giveaways with content locking function. All visitors can only receive the gifts by sharing the post to their social media accounts, which in turn gives your site even more traffic.

ZenViral Review: My personal experience

The first thing I like about this app is its friendly and very easy-to-use interface. Within only 3 minutes, I can create a new campaign with ZenViral.

To mention in this ZenViral review, the most useful feature of it should be the tracking and analytics feature. This function helps me a lot in optimizing my post so I can effectively leverage my conversion rates.

The giveaway content locker is also a very interesting function. Not a new idea but it can still be useful. Everyone loves giveaways and they don’t mind to share a post to get the gift, so this is an effective lead magnet.

How Does ZenViral Work?

As the interface of this app is clean enough, you can create a new campaign with only 3 steps. Then you only have to paste the generated code before the </head> tag on the page or post you want.


Watch the demo video below so you can see the detailed 3-step process of ZenViral:

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ZenViral’s PROs & CONs

PROs:This app really works as a traffic magnet for users’ websites with free but high quality leads. You also get all tools you need to operate the system. And the software is very easy to use.

CONs:If you don’t have a website, you cannot use ZenViral. So this app will be useless without a website to host.

ZenViral Review – Who should buy it?

As you can see from the video above, ZenViral secures an efficient method for you to pull traffic for free with many other built-in tools to increase conversions and sales even more.

ZenViral is optimized for any users who want to sell products and services such as affiliate marketers and business owners. Social networks are unlimited sources of traffic to drive as you can reach millions of customers only by sharing posts.

If you are an owner of online businesses, ZenViral provides the most common way to spread your brand name but with a unique and effective method. People don’t mind to share your content to get themselves free stuffs and giveaways. For example, you can run an giveaway saying “20% discount for this beautiful dress just by sharing this post to your Facebook and Twitter! Only 5 slots left”. I bet that no woman can resist to get herself a discount ticket for free. That’s how you approach all of her friends and get you business go viral.

Why I recommend this app?

First, this app easy to use. In the feautures, you can see, if you are an amatuer about technique you still can using it.

Zenviral provides feautures on interface visually. When I using this software, you will sursprise about time of creat campain.

Second, save your time with interface visually and easy to use. I will creat a campain very fast within 2 minutes and in the next time, it’s automated, convinient for you.

Third, it’s a prudct of online marketing expert. By their experiences, they built a app serve for your online campain with maximim performance.

How can you get ZenViral?

ZenViral is going on a launch at 8:00 AM EST in 31 Jan 2017. In very first 5 days, Desmond Ong offers a discount as a limited time offer. You can follow one of the following plans:

Monthly License: $29/month

Life-time Lincense: $97 one-time payment

A 30-day 100% money back refund policy is also guaranteed by Desmond Ong. If you don’t like the app, you can totally get your refund by return your account within 30 days.


Well, this is the end of my ZenViral review. With my informative review, I hope that you now have everything you need to make your buying decision. Thank you for reading!

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