Becoming Zen: A 21 Day Mind Detox for Anxiety review – How to stop and overcoming social anxiety and shyness

Social anxiety and shyness, I understand. How many times you tried to stop and overcoming social anxiety but you still have to looking for a method to beat it.

You had tried but can still worry when face to the crowd, public speaking or dating and you don’t have a method to end that fettle.

Have you ever wished that you could get confident when talking with stranger through phone or show yourself in public.

What if told you that you can solve your problem by a method, a method unsuspecting – this is Zen. It sounds unbelievable, right? What and why is Zen?.

The reality, Zen has many schools. And I recommend Zen of Buddhism. Because this method thoroughly, you can looking for an inner happiness with mindfulness – I remind is Mindfulness – very important to you can reach inner happiness.

Where do you can find this method? Inside Becoming Zen: A 21 Day Mind Detox for Anxiety.

Becoming Zen: A 21 Day Mind Detox for Anxiety review – Overview

Creator: Jordan Burness
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About Zen and Becoming Zen: A 21 Day Mind Detox for Anxiety

Realy Zen is mindfulness to recognize yourself in present. Ignore illusion about past and future. Forget present and focus past and future are factors make you don’t feel happy.

If you can see present as it’s happening, you can solve obstacle of mind. Not only social anxiety but also problems inside your thinking.

If you looking for another method to beat and stop social anxiety and shyness, can refer here:


Social anxiety has some expression as fearful when you face to outside. Often social anxiety people feel worried and embarrassing or they think other people critical any action of them.

So, why I recommend Zen. Zen is look over process of mind. When you have bad feel, let straight look over that. You will see very clearly and marvelous of zen is make you equanimity when opposite with life’s problem.

If you “Lack of Time” you still apply

You will ask: “It’s engaging but I very busy, I can’t act”. I can answer for you: “If you busy, you still use mindfulness of Zen as a method anytime, anywhere because reality zen is life”. Zen is a method is a side but zen is a lifestyle is another side”.


Just need to look over clearly any your act and thinking when you living, when eating, listening, speaking or any…

So, zen is simple and easy to understand. Let patience and you can reach. Bad thinking, worry about social, shyness and anxiety – it’s not main problem. Main problem is you can or can’t look over clearly process of your mind when everything astir.

I have learned about Zen and practice it. I assure with you, you don’t need to spend any particular time to practice with zen because zen has not limited.

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Becoming Zen: A 21 Day Mind Detox for Anxiety: Pros and Cons.

Pros: If you looking for a method to stop and overcoming social anxiety, Zen is a method to glean bad feel inside your mind. It’s easy to learning and understands.

Cons: Easy to understand but zen request you must patience because essence of your mind is indeterminate. So to resolve you can’t looking forward a quick method when using Zen.

Or you can refer another method: The Shyness & Social Anxiety System 2 2015 Update >>> Video Here



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